Marrakech Mining Convention 2019 | 17-19 April

    Madeeha Nabi

    WOMEN IN MINING- Breaking stereotypes & showcasing valor

    The mining industry is emerging as a prosperous sector and has turned out to be a boon to the global economy. Its positive and fulsome roles as financial catalyst, driving economic opportunities etc are unquestionable. Mining is an attractive sector with so much to offer, it is considered to be the origin to numerous mineral products which a nation requires to maintain its high standard of living. Mining plays an important economic role in driving foreign investments especially in mineral-rich countries which in return leads to burgeoning the Gross Domestic Product. As the world is raising a collective voice against gender inequality, the mining industry seems to play a mute spectator over this alarming issue. Mining has always been a male-dominated industry, women were not even considered eligible enough to mark their presence in this field. But the past few years have witnessed some positive steps where women have come out of these social barriers and have successfully started pursuing their careers in this industry. Although the numbers are not so convincing, females continue to remain underrepresented to shine as the mining industry sans gender diversity and continues to reel under the ideology of patriarchy. The mining sector has had a poor record in attracting and promoting women, in part this is understandable; historically, mining was a male-dominated industry that required physical strength (Jeff, 2016). Gender diversity is what the world in general and mineral industry, in particular, are in dire need of. Many pieces of research have also indicated that ‘more the gender-balanced team, better would be the outcomes’. In other words, gender-balancing manifests positive results and better solutions which eventually leads to better financial performances. To raise the profile and ratio of women in this sector, mining companies are toiling hard to address the prevailing challenges that are deterring women to pursue their careers in this field. They offer flexible work packages, better pay rates, extended maternity leave etc. in favor of making the working culture viable and productive for them. Undoubtedly women have not outnumbered men but have definitely gone higher. Nowadays Women folks are seen enrolling themselves in mining which in turn helps them building interesting and rewarding careers in this industry. A research was conducted by Women in Mining South Africa (WIMSA)in conjunction with the School of Mining Engineering at the University of the Witwatersrand in 2014 where it was ascertained that the proportion of women students enrolling in mining had augmented from 33% to 37% from 2010-2013. Though the research was conducted in 2014, the bars would have definitely gone up since then. Despite all the hardships, many women around the world have set benchmarks by procuring more higher and powerful positions thus debunking the theory that women cannot excel in the mining field. Kathleen Altman, Director of Metallurgy and Mineral Processing, Roscoe Postle Associates has 35 years of experience as a metallurgical engineer in the mining industry. She has been 3,000 meters underground in South Africa and 5000 meters above sea level in an Andes open pit mine, indeed was the first female faculty member in the mining engineering department UNR. Catherine Apthorpe, head of legal and Company secretary of Amara Mining Plc., based in London. Her dedication and passion have helped the company to touch the pinnacles of success, from explorer to developer to producer in the most difficult of markets (Jennifer, 2016). It will not only inspire other women but would rather shift the mentality that women can be an integral part of the mining workforce. The Ministry of Mines, Energy, and Sustainable Development in collaboration with Valiant Business Media will dedicate a complete session of Marrakech Mining Convention (MMC 2019) to these brave souls for sharing their success stories. MMC will bring together some of the leading faces of global mining spectrum to discuss the mushrooming gender-related hardships and burdens women face in this tough industry and the initiatives that must be procured to mitigate the plight of women by emphasizing on gender diversity. This platform aims to address the current challenges and issues viz-a-viz improvement in mining policies and norms, the shift in hegemonic mentality, lack of career opportunities, guidance etc in order to heave the profile of women in mining industry and also help the future generation to foresee the opportunities waiting for them to forge an exciting career.

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    THE INAUGURAL Marrakech MINING CONVENTION 2019 | 17-19 April | Palais des Congrès, Marrakech, Morocco

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