Marrakech Mining Convention 2019 | 17-19 April

    Azreen Khan

    Blurring technical gaps by embracing technological innovations in the mining industry

    The mining industry has been battling a host of issues like the volatility of the commodities market, labor & employment struggles, lack of financing, and safety challenges. Despite these issues, the mining industry is considering as one of the strongest industries ready to offer plethora of opportunities. The mining industry is incorporating several technological transformations into their operations in the form of mining software and innovations offering the greatest opportunities for efficiency gains worth adapting across the whole sector.

    Pondering what are the prospective trends that will help the mining industry to bring out the maximum profits in future!

    Here is the list of five emerging trends that may offer solutions or at least provide opportunities for improvement industry-wide: 1. Delving the pathway to Open pit mining: Open-pit mining is a surface mining technique of extracting minerals from the earth that are present deep inside the earth.This form of mining differs from extractive methods that require tunneling into the earth such as underground mining and the minerals are extracted through an open pit technique. Such advanced technology has made it possible to extract mine ores of declining grades and more complex mineralogy without any hike in costs.This trend is already visible in the number of steel companies seeking to enter mining to secure their supplies of iron ore and coking coal at reasonable cost.

    2. Transforming to renewable, Innovative Energy: Commercial industries encompassing mining are emphasizing on employing new technologies and methods to reduce energy consumption and cultivate renewable energy sources. Apart from environmental benefits, this trend is so widespread to benefit companies through significant cost savings. The collaborators in the mining industry are also concentrating on techniques that drive towards more automated mine processes and using innovative energy technologies to improve energy consumption.

    3. The digital Innovations: Exploring new technologies like digitization opens new doors of opportunities for a positive shift in the global mining industry. Mining operators are now adopting digital strategies and fostering the right skills and capabilities to embrace digitalization in mining operations. Employing new and innovative technologies into their operations such as data collection, sharing via cloud-based networks, machine learning in order to reduce labor cost and adapt genomic mining solutions, wearable technologies , hybrid airships etc. Companies must determine their focus and develop strategies which requires collaborative work culture, digital engagement of their workforce, strengthened asset management, and the use of production-ready technology.

    4. Fabric structures: Fabric structures facilities can be used to support operations for storage of mineral substances, maintenance & employee accommodation. The utility of these facility deemed to be less expensive and more sustainable than traditional brick-and-mortar buildings, the reason why industries often choose these structures for their operations. For the mining industry, fabric buildings provide an innovative, highly-durable option for conveyor enclosures, worksite camps, and mining buildings.

    5. Exploring Virtual Reality: More recently many mining companies have been exploring VR, an evolution of 3D viewing. VR can be defined as an artificial environment that is created with software using simulated or real life data, presented in such a way that the user is immersed and perceives it as a real environment. VR in itself is quite different from 2D and 3D viewing, and there are a number of tools that have been developed to assist in the VR experience. Using a combination of spatial software and simulators, we can start to choose the best option for operating based on desired objective. Mining industry is trying to build a shared vision for this sector. On one hand, governments are trying to balance their desire to attract more investments in mining but at the same time trying to support local, social and economic development which often turns out to be a costly affair. The key to enhancing cooperation with the government, mining companies, and other key stakeholders can be possible through effective engagement and productive dialogue.The Ministry of Energy, Mines and Sustainable Development in collaboration with Valiant Business Media is organizing Marrakech Mining Convention ,a flagship event that will bring the wide spectrum of mining spectrum together including Mining Ministries, Geological Research Authorities & Surveys, International Mining & Quarrying Companies, Service & Technology Providers, Mining Think Tanks & Consulting Organizations to discuss and explore opportunities on the international scale. Apart from knowledge sharing and investment platform, this event will have a specific spotlight for innovations and transformations the mining sector has witnessed so far by showcasing the latest game-changing innovations and technologies.

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    THE INAUGURAL Marrakech MINING CONVENTION 2019 | 17-19 April | Palais des Congrès, Marrakech, Morocco

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