Marrakech Mining Convention 2019 | 17-19 April

    Amreen Mir

    Smart and Safe Mining

    Mining is known as one of the most dangerous occupations all around the world. There has been the number of mishaps worldwide over the years in the mining sector. Various physical conditions such as mine depth, seam inclination, and seam thickness create a more challenging mining environment. In recent times, significant steps have been taken to improve the working conditions for miners in order to create a secure, safer, and healthier workplace. With the development of new technologies, implementation of various ventilation & ground control practices, and enacting of new health & safety regulations, the mining industry is growing significantly and has seen a considerable decrease in fatalities. The mining industry is developing to address potential control technologies including Virtual Reality (VR) training and advancements in escape and survival equipment. The key to maintaining a safe and healthier workplace lies in prevention. Over the years, the mining industry has seen a massive difference in terms of adopting new emerging trends, techniques, and technologies like self-driving trucks, self-governing machines, automated loaders, automated drilling, and tunnel-boring systems. Automation is becoming a reality in the world of mining and is arguably greener, safer and after the initial up-front investment – has cheaper running costs. So what do self-governing machines and self-administering systems have to do with mining? What role do they play in paving a smart and safely brighter road for the mining sector? Well, there are two innovations that are changing the manner in which we mine today and the way we look at the safety issues of the miners. The mining division is a standout sector amongst the most vital drivers that is advancing the global economy. As new technological advancements develop, mining organizations are incorporating these progressions into their activities to support security, proficiency, and efficiency. New innovations are being utilized to give continuous investigation of mine movement, which enables mine administrators to improve reaction times to any issues that may emerge. For instance, many pull trucks have been fitted with weakness checking gadgets, which perform the facial investigation on the driver for indications of exhaustion. The information is then monitored by the foreman, enabling them to forestall mishaps. An assessment of the innovation demonstrated that it helped decline weariness occasions by 87 percent. Self-driving vehicles, which are operated and monitored from a remotely located control room, give laborers a buffer. These drones can likewise be explored into zones of a mine which will not be accessible by workers – allowing mining organizations the chance to extricate and tap a greater amount of minerals we require for regular day to day existence. Around the world, smart and digital drones investigation methods are promoting mine and miner wellbeing. Striking achievements in mining wellbeing are attributed to smart advancements like these. These progressive and smartly safe developments have become a way of life in the mining business now, mining organizers are persistently and tirelessly working in a more astute way to ensure their greater representation in these smart and safe areas of mining. Advanced, innovative and safeguarded methods are the least of what MMC 2019 has to offer and exhibit! With a great opportunity, this event will put a light on the brilliant developments the mining sector has witnessed so far in a content-driven and planned backdrop setting; feel up close the real products & services; case studies, hands-on experience; make peer-led discussions, and get to bottom of the up to date technological transformations which are driving mine output, enhancing efficiency & safety in today's times. Under the high patronage of his majesty King Mohammed VI, MMC 2019 will host a specific technical session for discussing the existing challenges and opportunities in the mining environment with mining luminaries to address sector-specific issues and establish a safe and healthier workplace environment. MMC 2019 aims to set a bright stage for innovators who will develop the future of safe mining solutions and allow them to interact with industry giants and participants who are facing these challenges every now and then. By showcasing the cutting edge safety technologies and enforcing new laws & regulations for future change, the event paves way for an opportunistic chance to meet with mining decision makers and buyers looking for means and methods to yield higher returns for their operational activities. So come, take part in MMC 2019 and in turn become a part of the brilliant and wide horizons of the mining industry!

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    THE INAUGURAL Marrakech MINING CONVENTION 2019 | 17-19 April | Palais des Congrès, Marrakech, Morocco

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