Marrakech Mining Convention MMC is an annual strategic mining conference and exhibition bringing together mining ministries, mining & quarrying companies, service providers, associations, geological surveys, regulatory bodies, investors and consultants from all over the world for three days of knowledge sharing, partnering, networking and business matchmaking.

MMC is a truly global platform connecting the entire international mining community under one roof to discuss and explore opportunities particularly in Middle East and Africa. The event emphasises on facilitating interaction with policymakers, key decision-makers and global investors, besides providing an in-person platform for networking and sharing of latest business trends, opportunities, ideas and insights from mining & quarrying companies and experts from various countries.

MMC gives participants a personalised and thoughtfully curated conference agenda with actionable content and an opportunity to exhibit and highlight their products, services and ideas in front of the world's leading mining professionals and think tanks.

Why Morocco?

Situated on the peripheries of the Arab world and the African continent, The Kingdom of Morocco lies just 14 km from Europe at the narrowest point of the Strait of Gibraltar. Morocco is the main entrance to North Africa and most of the trade between Europe and Africa goes through Tanger Med one of the largest ports in the Mediterranean Sea.

Morocco has emerged as a propitious market for the mining industry and has showcased a huge volume and diversity in the mining sector and amongst many, here are some of the major reasons why Morocco is the best place to be for mining professionals.

  • Highly progressive liberal economy
  • Political stability and investment security
  • Rich and diverse geology with high potential
  • Morocco holds 75% of the phosphate reserves of the world
  • Modern and attractive mining law
  • Simplified the tax code and tax incentives for foreign investment
  • Low labor costs and highly skilled workforce
  • Exceptionally simplified customs formalities