Morocco's mining sector secures 2nd spot in mena vicinity

Morocco is located in the northwestern corner of Africa and is the largest energy importer in the MENA region with the fifth largest economy within the African Region. The mining sector of Morocco is considered a backbone to its economy. About 75% of the world's phosphate reserves are possessed by Morocco. Specialists ...

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by Huriya Khan

Women in mining- breaking stereotypes & showcasing valor

The mining industry is emerging as a prosperous sector and has turned out to be a boon to the global economy. Its positive and fulsome roles as financial catalyst, driving economic opportunities etc are unquestionable. Mining is an attractive sector with so much to offer, it is considered to be the ...

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by Madeeha Nabi

Blurring technical gaps by embracing technological innovations in the mining industry

The mining industry has been battling a host of issues like the volatility of the commodities market, labor & employment struggles, lack of financing, and safety challenges. Despite these issues, the mining industry is considering as one of the strongest industries ready to offer plethora of opportunities. The mining industry is incorporating...

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by Azreen Khan

Smart and safe mining

Mining is known as one of the most dangerous occupations all around the world. There has been the number of mishaps worldwide over the years in the mining sector. Various physical conditions such as mine depth, seam inclination, and seam thickness create a more challenging mining environment. In rec...

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by Amreen Mir